anyone know the maximum flash rate of an LED?

I need to pulse a light very quickly (think really fast strobe) and by very quickly, I mean at about 350Hz. I need the light to be on for ~1ms or less at a time (maximum acceptable length is 1.517ms) I'd like to operate at 5v or less, and have a nice wide dispersion pattern... Is this possible with a standard LED? With this sort of PWM, will I even see the light? Is there a better alternative to an LED? help will be greatly appreciated

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on the similar lines, can someone help me with what LED is used for a flash in current iPhones and Androids(on the lines of galaxy). Can those LEDs me modulated at really high speeds again so that the flashing isn't detected by the human eye. Say around 1KHz
gschoppe (author)  karanbhandarkar5 years ago
I looked into it... unfortunately, the android SDK only lets you access the flash through an SDK function that has significant lag... so no strobelight flash
Thank you for your reply. So there's no possible way to use a timer for it and set it at a very high frequency either?
Did you ever discover the max refresh rate of an iPhone LED? Can't seem to find it without building my own prototype.
If you mean of the screen, it's 60Hz.
westfw10 years ago
What kind of LED? I think ALMOST all LEDs will have no problem with 350Hz and 1.5ms pulses; that's well withing the range used by standard multiplexed 7-segment displays. The exception MIGHT be white LEDs, and the danger would probably be that the phosphor wouldn't turn off fast enough to yield distinct pulses, not that you wouldn't see light. I'm pretty sure that LEDs are used in fiber optic data transcievers for (eg) optical ethernet at frequencies of 10MHz plus. It's when you get to multiple GHz that lasers replace LEDs. (of course, these aren't your standard indicator style LEDs, but it still says good things about the limits of the technology.)
gschoppe (author)  westfw10 years ago
ah, now, Lemonie, if I told you that I would spoil the fun... my only hint to you is... what inverts its output every 1.517ms? Or, to be more precise, what inverts its output every 1.517ms or 2.025ms or 2.551ms or 3.406ms or 4.505ms or 6.068ms depending on setting? westfw, thanks a bunch.
A string vibrating E6?
gschoppe (author)  Tool Using Animal10 years ago
nicely done... I really didn't expect anyone to get that.... i'm utterly amazed at your speedy thought
did you ever make this project?
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