anyway increase voltage without using ac ?

anyway to increase voltage using only dc input and using low voltage batteries (1.5 ~ 9 V ) ? and without making big or with loads of parts circuit ? ( I need simple circuit) any more taughts than joule thief ?

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I need something simple that can take 2.5 to 12 to 15v
DC to dc that is
how about a boost circuit? maxim sells (sample!) many chips: you could use the max1771, a common boost chip or you can browse their page for one that has less external components.
are there any without external components? I want this to be very simple
There are DC to DC converters, they are simple and need no extra parts but, yep there is a but, they are expensive compared to building a simple Maxim unit like Goodhart suggested... (( The 12 volt input 20 volt output to power my laptop with a total output of 65 watts was $75 CDN but it was simple hook the red to the red wire and the black to the black wire and repeat for the laptop cord ))
Yeah, I guess I should go with the maxim chips. Its just that my soldering iron's tip broke :(
is it a pencil type iron ? Tips aren't too expensive, but if you have a bit still sticking out of the iron, you might be able to file a point to it. :-)
No, unfortunately it broke in a concave shape. I'll have to drill it out. I still haven't found a tip for my 180w gun. (1135 degrees in under 10 seconds makes me giddy!)
Is that one of those weller guns with the trigger button and a little flashlight bulb in the front ?? At work we used to burn out tips all the time (( they cut styrofoam and plastic like a hot knife but I guess that is hard on the tips )) we would just cut a strip of household 12/2 of 14/2 solid wire and bend it into a new tip and this would last for about a month of abuse........ And what sort of input voltage are you looking at and what output voltage are you looking for, and how much power do you need ??
its a chicago electric (harbor freight), but its the same idea. The real tips are nickel plated copper. I was afraid I might ruin something like that. I'm looking at 2-3 volts form a 12x4" solar panel (probably only 50-100 ma) to 12v (current on this side doesn't matter, it will be trickle charging a battery)
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