april fools day pranks

here is a good one spray pam on a toilet seat and who ever sits down will be sliding around will trying to take a crap or you can put suran wrap inbeetween a toilet seat and the toilet do you guys know any good ones preferably for school

Sedgewick179 years ago
Here are a few pranks I know 1. Pour some baking soda into a ketchup bottle and shake it up. The result will be fountain ok ketchup in the persons face. 2. Party poppers explosive planted in cigarette or cigar, which will explode when lit. 3. Turn up a stereo or TV as loud as can be tolerated, and set a trap for the next person who turns it on. 4. Tie a balloon filled with one half oxygen and propane to the muffler of a car. The balloon will explode resulting in a huge bang.
Goodhart9 years ago
people have actually gotten "cemented" to toilet seats when the wrong type of paint for that was used
Tanners (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
oops i meant pam