aquiring 6% hydrogen peroxide

were could i get 6% hydrogen peroxide

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the way I've heard it,

10 vol = 3%

20 vol = 6%

30 vol = 9%

40 vol = 12%

40 vol developer is usually reserved for highlights as it's pretty powerful stuff...

terryfish6 years ago
I have been useing Sodium Percarbonate in my cleaning biz . I was wondering what the mix rate for a 40 gallon from 35% to 3%
Daveangel9 years ago
I just buy the 35% food grade stuff then dilute it down to 3% you can get it really cheap from here Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide they have free shipping i think its really good
westfw10 years ago
"consumer" peroxide is sometimes sold by "volume" concentration. Normal 3% H2O2 is (IIRC) also known as "10 volume" because one volume of liquid will produce 10 volumes of oxygen. Similarly, 6% is known as "20 volume", and perhaps you can get "30 volume" (which would still be less than the 12% someone mentioned seeing as a cosmetic supply. Higher concentrations of consumer grade H2O2 are likely to be loaded with assorted "stablizers" that may make them unsuitable for some uses. The "improvised explosives" using H2O2 as a starting point are to be avoided, IMO. Stick with fireworks and leave the sensitive and unstable primary explosives to desperate freedom fighters...
dogsrcool2me (author)  westfw10 years ago
Don't worry I want to bleach something not blow it up. ;) I am not idiotic enough to mess with AP. I found some 40 volume at Longs sold as a hair bleach. I plan to water it down to 6% with 3% H2O2. I will write an instructable soon after I finish about what I made.
my G/F is a hairdresser and they do indeed have 30 volume peroxide "bleachers" or "lighteners" i believe some companies even make a 40 volume (no idea what percentage of peroxide that has though)...why someone would allow you to put that on their head...i don't know...but they do make it
jtobako10 years ago
Get 30% at a hair saloon supply and thin it down?
Since when they are selling 30%? The strongest hydrogen peroxide I've seen at this kind of stores is 12%. I believe that 30% would give you some nice burn if touched with your skin so there is no use for selling such strong solution at hair saloon.
Trust me... I could show you the scar on my hand. Peroxide at that level isn't available to the public. If you can aquire 12% Hydrogen Peroxide without a cosmology license, just mix it 1:1 (half & half) with Distilled water to produce a 6% solution.
LasVegas jtobako10 years ago
jtobako's right. Just create a 4:1 solution of Distilled Water with the 30% solution to get a 6% solution.