arduino beginners padded cell

#ok hi everyone,
void setup()
  • this bit is for those of us just trying to work out how we are going to use arduino;
  • also those of us whom programming doesnt come natrually or just have a short attention span;
  • it can be frustrating, difficault or just plain annoying at times;
  • so here is a space to have a moan about things, the idea is you get it out your system, feel better then figure out a solution or work around.
// i havnt got a clue what im doing at the moment :-D,
void setup()
my personal current beefs are:
  • iv just discovers it hasnt got the power to run motors directly, u have to use a mosfet tranny (iv got one but its missing a pin lol) it does have the power to make pretty patturns with leds;
  • the instruction book i bought separatly, has a section on 'what is electricity' what am i ? 5?!. when books get that patronizing its really hard to look out for the useful nuggets of information;
im not looking for smarty pants answers, everybody learns via their own path, in their own way, in their own time.
  • so if you have a possibly unreasonable problem that has given you the hump (with your arduino platform) and want to express it without breaking your computer or boring/irritating your friends,
  • there are answers,its more satisfying when there worked out by the questioner, without some one relaying you need a flumbutter on your whattaucallit, this section is aimed at those of us who dont have a jargon database.

good luck getting your brains around that blue circuit board ,(i know i will need it) the space below is there for you to use, if using sentence enhancers remember the  %*$ keys please.

(hey maybe someone official will read it and get some feedback of our initial stumbling)

wondering if this topic will be 'moderated' .i hope people 'get it'. its not in any way intended for maliciousness, i percieved a need and have tried to provide a space, i was looking for a page with this function but couldnt find one.

this is not a place for spaming!

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crazyg (author) 4 years ago
Iv made a something, will write the instruct able soon.
crazyg (author)  crazyg4 years ago
crazyg (author) 4 years ago
3 hour to try and get a push to buzz, using patturns in the code, however the examples dont seem to follow it. shortcuts are for wheadvanced.

can you believe the book does not contain the tone function anywhere
crazyg (author)  crazyg4 years ago
found tone here 

went to official arunooo forums to get a clue what 'lvalue as left operand of assignment required' and other similar cryptic messages are all about, to see answers like , 'show me all your code' , then i can patronise you with half an answer no explanation followed by that is obvious.
if that site was a shop on a high street, id shop in another town.
still not sure if its recognising my button , tomorrow  is another day, i havnt ripped the book in half mainly because it was a gift.(one i asked for)
gmoon4 years ago
Nice soliloquy. I suspect a significant percentage of the help you might have gotten won't appear--it's difficult to explain this stuff without getting all "smarty pants."

I'm a little confused to boot--no smarty pants answers, but your book is patronizing because it's too non-technical?

There are many of us who could tell you why the diode is included when switching inductive loads. And why it's a bad idea to drive a motor directly from the output pins, even if it does work (well, temporarily).

Good luck!
crazyg (author)  gmoon4 years ago
im complaining again.
lol.dont go taking this too seriously,
hence the topic subject thingy.

aah , the book, im really starting to hate it, the last few pages actual have a glossary of commands and what the might do,
its less an an instruction manual more someone just talking about some thing.
it covers the insanely basic stuff , then waffles on an on , maybe even giving nuggets of information comprised of 5 words amongst every 100. then its well you know how to do that then.
if the info was i bit more complete there wouldnt be the need for the constant links to info websites (its a book not a web page u cant click a link in a book) books have further reading suggestions at the end of the book.

i would guess that the book i have is the result of some translation disaster, english can be used much more flexibly than the jane and john approach.
there was a ball, the ball was red ,jane was standing, john kicked the ball. the ball went in the air.the ball came down again.john broke his foot. jane was dead, jane and john never dated at the bowling ally again.
(i had similar issues with the LSDJ software guide , which i rewrote ,synoptified and fit on one side of a4, it became a faster reference when actually learning the software)
another example is it uses a whole page explaining the inner working of a tilt switch, the next page is about bugular alarm pir sensor (with no mention of the really user friendly electrics inside)
another thing that was a bit of a wind up is that it fails to mention that the add on that modules make it usable, and for some reason (i dont care what),some one decided to call them shields.most manuals for thing at least have a quick run through of the available accessory and there uses.
iv just ordered a couple of relay arrays to make things usable , its a shame the dpdt version are rather expensive as that's my preferred relay type(because it can switch polarity), iv gone for a pair of 8xspst,with some luck i will be able to do something more robust,that a led mood lighting.i might try to tun a stepper on relays for fun.

think my book was written pre mega possibly, no mention of it.
i think the simple illustrations of little thing like individual components or a could be thumbnails. and the illustrations of circuits could be complete.
if anyone seen a decent complete manual post a link (shopping or download whatever) i could try a rewrite but i fear it will be gappy.
id like to get the majority of info from one document.
i will admit that my reading skill are far from blameless .
gmoon crazyg4 years ago
Maybe it's time to ditch that text and find a better one.

Anyone else have a suggestion for a good Arduino book?
crazyg (author) 4 years ago
i thought that this would be a usefull page.
crazyg (author)  crazyg4 years ago
fails to mention, the bunch of relays all stuck to a board u can get of ebay,
i gather that is what the nerds are referring to when they say 'shield' possibly ,
i rekon its a sword and magic helmet issue. :-P
crazyg (author)  crazyg4 years ago
id call it a power relay extension
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