are real guns looking to much like toys?

guns are starting to look like toys. yes, a pink pistol is cool, until some kid thinks its not real and starts pointing it at there friends and laughing. i mean, what is the point of making a real pistol look like a toy? that does not teach kids anything. i mean, what kid is going to think that some pink thing can kill him? that green glock is real! it shoots real bullets and everything. police are not even able to tell the difference from a fake gun and a real gun! how are police supposed to know if "that kid" running down the street has a real gun or not? yes, i know that the hello kitty gun is cool, but what is some kid that gets a hold of that going to think? there going to thing that its just some toy and accidentally shoot some one. i might make guns out of knex, but i know that i will not kill anyone with them. painting a gun like a toy just goes against common sense, we used to be concerned about toys looking like real guns, now guns look like toys.

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colmister6 years ago
Ak;s arent illegal they just cant be full auto.
Lowney6 years ago
The whole idea is that criminals won't be suspected when carrying a bright red pistol down the street, it just looks like a toy.
Is that second picture from the news? It seems so because labeling what appears to be a colt .45 a glock, is something only the news is dumb enough to do XD. I remember seeing on the news a man in California had a glock 18 and on the news they said, Earliar a man in California was found with a "fully-automatic-assult-type-carbine" -_-
dsman195276 (author)  zombiehunter967 years ago
Please, don't bother to bring back old posts like this. This was posted 6 days shy of being 2 YEARS OLD.
There is nothing wrong with bumping.
No, bumping is moronic, what he had was a comment germane to the discussion.
Oops, how embarrassing, I just found that that picture is from my local cable news channel.  check the video the slideshow is dead.

Hahaha! Thanks for the link :D This is why I love the news, so informative and never wrong XD I have a gun chart parody I made myself because of such things.
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