are the people who make commericals racist?

Just asking because in every single commercial (I've only seen one that doesn't, it was a febreeze comerical) when there is more than one person in the commercial, they put an african american person so that they don't seem racist, and I think that that is the real reason. The people who make commercials are probably like "oh, if we don't put a black person in then people will only think our product is for white people". Anyone else notice this? It doesn't really bother me, just something I noticed BTW I am not racist.

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Goodhart9 years ago
raciest? How about Sexist too. The woman steps off the elevator and the man walks up to her and stares RIGHT AT HER CLEAVAGE and says: Marge ! Is that really YOU ? And she answers "cross my heart". Bah ! He doesn't recognize her by her face, but by her figure. What a crock.
Women have faces?
Yes they do (actually the first place I look is at the eyes).

Too much makeup gives the impression (to me anyway) that the person is either uncomfortable with their own looks, or that they want to be a Phyllis Diller lookalike. *shrug* But the eyes give away a lot about a person. And this has not been a recent development of mine. I have always looked at another person's eyes first. :-)
I look at the eyes too, mainly because you can tell alot about someone simply by if and when they look away...
that and their parents appreciate it when you look at her eyes too :)
I don't know, alot of people find direct eye contact intimidating, that and having very dark eyes means that people often see nothing of them whereas I see alot more of theirs which is somehow unnerving for them, or when the iris's go black it freaks people completely... Sorry off topic but the dads prefer to think they've stared you down, them mums want to think you're all giggly and innocent...
hahahahaha well, i have "baby blues" so i cant really say they are too intimidating... well, my "alligator grip"(according to a co-worker of my mom) seems to help me alot in those situations. but not with the mom of course lol
No, but if you want to freak mom out, when she offers her hand, take it gently and kiss the back of it lightly and tell her now she knows where (daughter's name) got her looks from. :-)
hahah i prefer to live atleast into my 70's hahahaa

when my mom gets angry, I hug her and tell her I love her. If I see its going somewhere, I go on:

"Mom, were you ever hugged as a child, I think not. I think all you ever needed was a hug *hugs again*"

She gets really angry, but can't resist laughing!
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