area 51

can anyone prove or disprove that this is actually area 51?
at some time pres. clinton gave that branch permission to deny it's existence. you used to be able to see it from a hill or something, but they fenced it off and may have cameras there here's the link to the image:, if that doesn't show up just go to google images and search for "arial view of area 51"

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I to have been in area 51 and all it is is a top secret plane.

if only it was from earth.
am1117 years ago
hey ive been into area 51 myself and all that is in there is a new top secret plane and Lockheed Skunk Works' base of operation
sci4me am1117 years ago
noooooooo way
am111 sci4me7 years ago
I have and I am not allowed to speak any further
sci4me am1117 years ago
speak further!!!! If u dont, u suck!!!!!!!!!!! is there aliens or ufo's????? what about new technologies? time machines? TALK!!!!! or else...
zascecs7 years ago
It looks more like a small airport... maybe for private jets or something.. lol
zascecs zascecs7 years ago
...and if it's so secret, why would they let you find it on the internet?
sci4me7 years ago
AREA 51 IS 110% REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i read an article on it but i forgot everything because the government erased my mind because its so top secret.
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
Yes, area 51 IS real, i don't nkow what they do there. if you tired walking to the actual site, they will shoot to kill, and you wouldn't make it inside
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