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I want to get into art welding and don't have any welding experience. Where can I go to get welding instruction and guidance for small projects. I don't know the difference between a TIG, MIG, or Arc welders. Which one is the best to learn on?Not intrested in jewelry. Thanks

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EmeraldF1 year ago

I was going to go into welding school but then something hit me is there any collages that work on art welding as a creare see I love welding know how TIG, STICK, MIG but I've never been interested in welding buildings my whole life I'm only a joiner but want to find a collage for me see I love to use recycled meter clean it up or keep it rustic but what school will teach welding art as a really life thing

I am a welder and an artist...if we lived closer together you know i would show you how to do some projects for free just because i love what i do :)...

my projects range as small as punisher skulls, metal roses of any size, ranch signs, rocking chairs, belt buckles, by request a HIM heartagram, name plates, dream catchers..and so on

as my instructor told me if you could think could make it

and all of my projects ive listed i have made all of them at least 3 times so i know the dimensions pretty well...

tools and equipment would be a wire feed welder, oxy-torch, plasma torch, pliers, hammer, , round stock, and sheet metal
and a grinder and polyfan for finishing fabrication.

its really fun once you get into it...
very interested in your offer.
I would love to be your Apprentices of sort.
I am in NYC area. where are you located?

thank you very much

Hello Marcelo

I am an artist working with crystal prisms and special lighting to create breathing, kaleidoscopic light paintings. I don't know if I want to study welding to make some pieces or if I want to commission someone. It would be great if we could c connect. Please check my website at and you can contact me directly through there. Thank you


stokki b6 years ago
i,m a gas welder who wants to know about migs and tigs welding.
its MIG and TIG

todays terms for MIG is Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or wirefeed alot of the welding industry use this

TIG is also refered to asGTAW it is most commonly used to weld thin sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys
alot easier to control your weld pool with this aposed to SMAW or GMAW therefor giving you a better looking weld
mymagicword6 years ago
HTP America - USA Weld has two DVDs, one on MIG welding and one on TIG welding. They're in the Chicago area and occasionally offer classes. (I know the next ones are in 2012, but you can get on a list.) Link to one of the DVDs here:
biffula6 years ago

photozz10 years ago
Stick welding (arc) is getting to be more of a specialty. I would hazard to say that most people welding at home are using a wire feed style. They are much easier to use.

I would start with a basic flux core wire feed welder. they are available for less than $300.00.

This site has a ton of good information on the different types and styles of welding as well as basic instruction

This site will help you select the best type of welder for what you want to do:
i use astick welder at home because wire welder more cash but if i hadd that extra 100 dollars i would
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