Ask a favor of contributions for Japan

Dear Instructables,

This is Jo (id: jojporg), a colleague of FabLab Japan.
We'd like to ask you to suggest us some outstanding works for current Japan.
As you might be know, we are not in very good condition right now with earthquakes (just have another big one right now).

For the situation, we already have OLIVE
a wiki with designs / food / ideas created in the earthquake stricken areas

We think some of "Instructables" should be quite helpful/useful for us,so it would be great if you could put your "instructables" for the wiki.

We could do translations, so please do not hesitate to write in English.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Best regards from Japan.

JO, Kazuhiro
Assistant Professor
Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts
12-8 Ueno Park, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110-8714 Japan
Tel. +81(0)50 5525 2473

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jojporg (author) 6 years ago
Hi, All,

Thanks for all of your comments.

We've got a list from Randy (instructables / F.A.T.) for our request.

please take a look for our website > Fab For Life

We appreciate if you could continue to suggest us your practical instructables.


lemonie6 years ago

It's my opinion that the government should have the money and resources to deal with this (being general-knowledge that earthquakes & tsunami occur around Japan).

What specific needs have you identified that might be addressed here?

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
They were ready for the 'quake, but not for the tsunami that scraped whole towns off the map. Did you see the reports of 2000 bodies washed up on beaches? Of 10,000 people missing from a single town?

They may have the financial wherewithal to deal with this, but they need direct physical help to deal with the crisis.

lemonie Kiteman6 years ago

What specific needs do they have (that require external assistance)?

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
Off the cuff, I don't know - it depends what exactly was lost.

It could be as simple as teams to help re-connect severed utilities to allow organisation to become more efficient, or it might be medical staff.

The response of a lot of people seems to be to send funds to the Red Cross to be used in relief work (medical care, shelter etc)

lemonie Kiteman6 years ago

My thinking is, something like "yes we can feel a need to help, but surely if help is needed the government can ask and pay for it?".
I don't see a severe need for external assistance, but I don't know all that much about it.


(need to research what the hell is going on at the nuclear power plant)
Why should they *have* to ask for it before receiving help?
It has been established that the wrong aid can cause as much harm as no aid.

For instance, sending in a load of items that could be sourced locally to the disaster wastes time and money (transport), and can cause the collapse of industries local to the disaster.

Better to send money to experts on the ground, let them determine what to spend it on.
Oh, I agree - I mean why should they have to basically apply for aid before receiving any help at all (primarily I did have money in mind).

You may not realise this, but I do really like you. I don't like bickering over things.
I'll apologize for anything (that I should) but I don't like people feeling bad about me.

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