assassin creed assassin knive...

ne body have ne ideas on how to get my blade to attach to my wrist. my knife is like 3-4 inches (blade) ad like 6-8 inches long (so not very big but effective) it flips out like most pocket knives, so i was thinking that if i attatch it to a kind of wristband or somthing i can just flip it out and go assassin on every one (jk). my problem is i cant get it to attach and be strong, without blocking the blade. mabey i should use a parachute knive or somthing... ne help wiould be appreciated.

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triggernut7 years ago
i have a nice idea for a hidden blade but i havnt had time to make it
=SMART=9 years ago
If you do make this can you post an instructable on it cos that would be awesome
just for you (and the author of this thread):
ive heard a rumor he lost his ring finger and replaced it with a knife..just a rumor
That's a gap for the blade to slide out so he doesn't actually cut his would be finger. He cut off his finger so he wouldn't cut his missing finger. :/
no to join the creed you must cut ur finger off
XI3 (author) 9 years ago
lol lost a finger? i have all mine. my dad doesnt though. lol sorry been buisy havent been on for a month lol. great site that will help all problems.