attaching a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with variable speed controller


We're looking to attached a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor
with a variable speed controller. We've attached a rough sketch to
this post. 

Does anyone know what kind of motor might work with a camera
weighing 4.132lb/1875g? It has to be powerful enough to spin the
camera solidly and at a steady RPM. We'd also like to add a variable
speed controller to adjust the speed of the rotations. 

We were thinking of using a battery powered drill. Is there a way to 
add a variable speed control potentiometer to an electric drill?

We are based in Europe.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Matthew & Emelie

Picture of attaching a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with variable speed controller
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mande (author) 5 years ago
Thank you so much! You've helped us no end.

One final question. Would we need to adjust the
LM 338 circuit to work with Swedish mains power of 230 V?

Thanks again!

Take Care,
Matthew & Emelie
The LM 338 circuit is for use with the 12V coordless drill. If you are going to use a corded drill then make one of these:

Use your outlets and a dimmer switch and you can control a regular corded drill.

So what kind of drill are you going to use?
mande (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
We're thinking about using a corded drill that doesn't automatically adjust when pressure is applied to it. The rotations need to be steady with no drag when we
add a weight to the drill. The 12V cordless drill we have stops when too much pressure is applied to it. We think the Variable-Temp-Soldering-Iron-Controller
might be the best choice.

Thanks again mpilchfamily!

Take Care,
Matthew & Emelie
Saw a video about something like this not to long ago. They attached a camera to a cordless drill. Nicer cordless drills have variable speed control built into the trigger. Otherwise get yourself a motor controller and a NIMA 23 stepper motor. The kind used in CNC mills.

You might want to consider some counter weights being added to the mounting plate. You want the motor centered along the camera's lens. That leave a chunk of the camera's weight offset to one side of the motor keeping it off balance. So when things start spinning that whole assembly will stat wobbling and vibrating like crazy. So you'll want to balance that out as best you con or try to build an extremely stable stand to hold it. It would be allot easier to balance the assembly.
mande (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thanks for the info! Really good advice on using counter weights.
Which motor controller would you suggest?

The drill we have is a 10mm, 12 Volt Black and Decker, battery powered,
with what feels like a 6 step variable speed control built in.

It does slow down if you but any real weight or pressure on it.

Would it be possible to add a variable resistor to a 12V powered drill
power cord, such as a heavy duty dimmer switch?


Matthew & Emelie
A corded drill and a dimmer switch should do the trick. Something like this instructable has. I've made one of these for a 40W soldering iron i use to use. I've also used it on a Dremal of mine so i could vary the speed on it. But it won't work on a 12V drill plugged into the wall with a wall-wart. A variable resistor would not work either. You would burn out the resistor with 12V. For a 12V drill you'll want to build an adjustable power supply with an LM 338. Build a little circuit like it shows in that link and put it between the battery and the drill and you can control the voltage, thus the speed, of the drill.
ive heard of that sorry for repling im knew here and im familiar of what your talking about.
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