automatic built-in google translations

I've tried, on Kiteman suggestion, to add into my last step-to-step "How to extend your photobank life" the links to the pages translated in some other languages, using Google translator.
We think that Google translator has reach a good AI, and it could be nice see that service included in the instructables frame, maybe an idea for a future upgrade...

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ewilhelm4 years ago
Here's a sneak peak at something we're working on:

The final form probably be quite like this, but the important thing to note is that we properly display the characters.
Coo... are (will) they automatically generated?
andrea biffi (author)  ewilhelm4 years ago
cool, I imagined it might be hard to anticipate you in some conception ;-)
Wow, the German is perfect!
blkhawk4 years ago
The main shortcoming of online translators is that translations are literal. Expressions that have meaning in one language get lost in translation. For the most part they do a great job in transmitting the main ideas across.
BrittLiv4 years ago
That is a good idea! Btw. it is called "Deutsch" and not "deutsche". I tried the German translation and could only find two correct sentences in the whole text, but I guess for someone not knowing any English it is certainly helpful and understandable.

How is the Portuguese translation?
andrea biffi (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
Thanks BrittLiv, I knew I was writing something wrong, I don't want to think what I've wrote in Chinese or Japanese ;-)
I've corrected it and added Portuguese, you can also read all languages translation on google translator copying the url in the left form.
Yes, also Italian translation is not perfect, but it has been improved a lot in last years. Maybe Italian is the better one, because I'm thinking in Italian :-)
Right, sorry you are Italian. I just read a Portuguese text and got confused (I somehow assumed you were from Brazil)... In German it seems to have a problem with the word order, but you are right it has gotten a lot better over the years.
andrea biffi (author)  BrittLiv4 years ago
I thought you knew portuguese and wanted to check it :-)
schumi234 years ago
That would be great :)
If you want me to check out a page in french for correctness, Im willing; just need to know were...
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