have a 2000 dodge dakota truck that will not pass smog the reason said is [ P1495 description not available] 
{catalyst             not complete }
{ evaporative system      not complete}
{ oxygen sensor heater      not complete}
i am wondering if anyone can help me fix these things with how to's.

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caitlinsdad4 years ago
Either your exhaust system is all rusted through/missing or your engine really needs work. The fix is to put the sensor in the tailpipe of another truck but that is iffy. What does the mechanic say?
tamara92345 (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
He said he didn't know didn't get any answers
and we just bought the truck unfortunately
Something as simple as a loose gas cap or an oxygen sensor could be the culprit. The mechanic should have been able to pinpoint the problem. If your mechanic did not know, it is time to go and get a second opinion.
tamara92345 (author) 4 years ago
A Few different post from the internet said it could be the. The thermostat . But that doesn't seem to be logical.

If the engine is running cold because of a faulty thermostat it will run dirty, does the gauge get up to temp?