will somebody please make a cool avatar for me??
i now using just original pics and that's really booring
i don't known how to make some of those really cool avatars
somepoeple are really good in it (if seent it by another)
please help me I'm desperid

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willdebeers6 years ago
 This may be far too late, but who cares, I couldn't resist. Here is my take.
dutchwarlord (author)  willdebeers6 years ago
that looks asome i'm gona use it

thanks man
 Welcome ;) 

I only just realised that you have some pretty cool stuff, nice work!
 hmmmmmm........ that look a lot like a copy of this:

Halo 3.jpg
 wow, i've never seen that one before. Great minds think alike! ;)
lol, I sure hope so..... :P
Lowney6 years ago
I noticed you have an XBox 360, and seem to like halo, so I collaborated your pistol with this image, and added a lazer too :D
that's awesome!!
Hell yeah! (no I am not blowing my own trumpet or anything...)
dutchwarlord (author)  Lowney6 years ago
thant's what i'm tolking about
i like it and i gonna use it
thanks man
cj814996 years ago
you like?
dutchwarlord (author)  cj814996 years ago
but ye i like it
thx are u going to use it?
dutchwarlord (author)  cj814996 years ago
if somebody made a beter one i'm going to use that
knex mad6 years ago
what abiout these tell me what you think and say if there is something you want adding or colours changing etc

travw6 years ago
That car is flipping amazing!
MotaBoi6 years ago
how's this?
dutchwarlord (author)  MotaBoi6 years ago
you only negative the colers
but it is a nice beginning
MotaBoi MotaBoi6 years ago
that was just a quick one im working on a better one
lemonie6 years ago

MotaBoi6 years ago
 ill give it a try