will somebody please make a cool avatar for me??
i now using just original pics and that's really booring
i don't known how to make some of those really cool avatars
somepoeple are really good in it (if seent it by another)
please help me I'm desperid

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willdebeers7 years ago
 This may be far too late, but who cares, I couldn't resist. Here is my take.
dutchwarlord (author)  willdebeers7 years ago
that looks asome i'm gona use it

thanks man
 Welcome ;) 

I only just realised that you have some pretty cool stuff, nice work!
 hmmmmmm........ that look a lot like a copy of this:

Halo 3.jpg
 wow, i've never seen that one before. Great minds think alike! ;)
lol, I sure hope so..... :P
Lowney7 years ago
I noticed you have an XBox 360, and seem to like halo, so I collaborated your pistol with this image, and added a lazer too :D
that's awesome!!
Hell yeah! (no I am not blowing my own trumpet or anything...)
dutchwarlord (author)  Lowney7 years ago
thant's what i'm tolking about
i like it and i gonna use it
thanks man
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