awesome! but can I...

Is it allowed to build one of the things they sell there? like building a pocket laser show (just an example)

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Yes, you can do that! Like Kryptonite says, just make it your own.

So I could, for example, make my own LED binary watch and enter it into the contest??
As long as you used parts or pieces from our current (or old) offerings, yes indeed.
I only read the reply that said "Yes, you can do that! Like Kryptonite says, just make it your own. " I've been working on a DIY Datalocker, but it doesn't have any pieces from the thinkgeek store in it, does this mean it doesn't count? :S -Yon
My country isn't on the list... the future, do you plan to add Serbia as a country that can buy stuff from your site and compete in your chalanges, competitions...??? Thanks!
We're working on the international shipping situation, so yes, hopefully--but can't say for sure right now, or how long that would take. We're sorry for the inconvenience!
shipping needs to be cheaper it cost me 20$ to ship to canada and can cost over 40$ i dont see why a t-shirt or a spork should cost that much to ship,love the website and products just widh it was cheaper
Yea, Hack and Md store has shipping world-wide only 99 cents!!!
Cool! you have such good products and it's a shame I can't buy any of them because my country isn't on the list... Good luck! Thanks you!
To get stuff before we got it mailed to a friend in the US who then posted it on to us, could be a notion to help with the shipping issues...
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