bamboo furniture making

Am wanting to build an "Island themed bed" for my 9 yr.old daughter.Am thinking of a bamboo loft bed,since bamboo is so strong.Is there anyone that might have some input?Thanks!

smithtopia9 years ago
hey i havent make any bambo furnachure but it sounds to me you need alot of cross beams and so you will need to cut angles i hope you can do it
Patrik9 years ago
Sounds really cool! But depending on where you live, finding high-quality bamboo (as opposed to just ornamental bamboo poles) may be tricky.

Or were you thinking about modern bamboo plywood, rather than bamboo poles?
nakota (author)  Patrik9 years ago
Thanks!And That's what Im thinking...good bamboo in Oklahoma?There could be,I'd just have to really search.Bamboo is growing everywhere here now,but to build with....?I could just use 4x4's and then decorate the outside(& below) as the tiki hut.I'm selling her lil garden bed,and this would have to be able to top that off!It would be really cool to keep it real w/bamboo though!