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Does any one know anything about belt fed guns. I have looked at one site called how stuff works but that gives me sort of an idea but i need something a lil more. does anyone have blueprints or plans for a belt fed gun. If you do that would make a great instructable. I know some of the basics of the belt fed guns, but not much more than that. I am wanting to make a 9mm belt fed LMG. Basicly from one of P.A. Lutys designs, only change them up a lil bit to use the belt feed.

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6Rea6per6 (author) 10 years ago
I have been looking up lots of stuff on rifling machine, and I also looked up how to make one from home and I can't find a thing. Do you have anything on that. I found this book BO0771 How to Build the Antique Rifling Machine Book , but I haven't found one in pdf that will work, and i can't buy it it won't let me. can you help me on that.
Punkguyta10 years ago
Hmm, that would require quite the barrel modification, do you actually own a 9mm? Or are you trying to make an actual gun.
6Rea6per6 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
No, I don't own one as of yet. I am trying to gather it all up then try to build it. I can see the parts in my head but i can't really put them together and I'm not sure what to do for Luty's gun either, as in the means for a modification like that.
Well unless you have a cnc machine, I can't see how easily you're gonna make a 9mm gun that could withstand an actual bullet exploding in the chamber.
6Rea6per6 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
ya i don't have a cnc machine. can you sort of discribe it to me. I'm not sure what would with stand that. maybe a heavy hydrolic line maybe. One of those metal ones. I might be able to find a cnc machine. but thanks for the input.
Actually, an idea would be to make a gun out of a steering wheel lock (you know those red locks that go in your streering wheel in your car?). Apparently it's possible, you're supposed to punch the lock out and take the adjustable rod and sharpen the end to a point and that's your hammer. I would try googleing "steering wheel lock gun". You could probably modify it to be belt fed, but you're still having to "manually" fire it.
6Rea6per6 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
that is a good idea. I need more help with the receiver though. but I should start with the littler things on this. slowly progress to get this done.I have no idea how to modify the upper reciever. maybe a little I konw how. where the magazine sits now on it change where that sits and put at the top. to accept the feeder. but put it low enough so that the little macagnism on it to touch something on the bolt. have a little modification to the bolt of course. You think i could use an aluminum bar for the bolt? or should i use something stronger? I will keep the lower reciever(minus the magazine well) the same. Do you know where i could find a good 20 gauge steel spring? nothing that would cost to much either. maybe i could go to some hardware store and buy a steel wire and custom make one. that is pretty easy. just bending the damn thing while its hot is the hard part. o well this has gotten pretty long.
I would definatly use a steel bar, with aluminum it's too soft and easy to fail from heat, and a bullet makes a lot of heat. I would try going to a hardware store and looking at what they have for springs (home hardware usually has a shelf full) but likelyness of finding something in specific is pretty low, you're gonna need a blow torch, patience and some long nosed needle nose pliers.
6Rea6per6 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
ok, I thought aluminum was like that but wanted to make sure. would that be like Lowes or Homedepote. I'm sort of looking for a spring that is close to what I am looking for not right on but close. i dont want it to be higher than 20 gauge though it will get to thin and won't have the strength it will need. so maybe be better to get something a little thicker.Maybe like 18 gauge but ya i know its hard to get what guage I'll be looking for. I got VFW today and it has a k98 for sale for like $289 for a used on from WWII, and $389 or something like that for a collectors.
6Rea6per6 (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
I just googled it and I have seen some home built ones. they look basicly like drill presses with HUGE drill bits. so means HUGE chuck too. would that be it. I have seen some pretty expesive ones too, but I have a limited budget to work with. Just a home built project anyway. So do you think that would work for the cnc machine. An oversided srill bit with a large table and of course a vice grip since I would be working with metal. of course with safty measures with it too. Because of the flying metal and the heat from the drill bit on the metal.