best knex guns no lie

this forum has the best guns and please say if you think one does not belong in this forum

                                                                           P.S. sorry the pic has nothing to do with the forum

Picture of best knex guns no lie
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Anything I make.  Well my last 4 guns anyways.
not even.....
yer nose is growing.
FAIL.  Im telling the truth.  If anything, my nose is shrinking.
yeah, from all the past lies

The past is the past is the past.  Forget it.
Grammer. The past makes up the present
Sorry, can't help it.


Again, sorry, but my eyes were starting to bleed. :(
Grammer Nazi... I did that on Purpose.

Are you sure?

*Puts on Capitalization Nazi costume*

Purpose shouldn't be capitalized.

Again, sorry. But I had to.
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