bicycle generator

has anyone ever tried to build a generator that would fit inside the bottom bracket of a bicycle using the spindle thats attached to the cranks and pedals? seems it would work better than the ones that rub on the tires.

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CameronSS9 years ago
guyfrom7up9 years ago
well, those don't turn whil going down hill, and the wheel will spin much faster (take the circumfrence of your wheel, compare it to the size of the wheel on the dynamo, ex. everytime the bike wheel goes around the generator goes 26 times)
More like 52 and in some cases as much as 104 if the genny has a small wheel for drive.
How about using an old derailleur and mounting a motor attached to a guid cog, keep your chain nice and tight and is fairly self contained. However it would only go when you pedal. Wheel powered ones are the accepted favourites but maybe a motor mounted by the axle and attached to the wheel via a belt drive, giving more reliable power as it wont lose friction or bounce off as easily...
oldcrowrich (author) 9 years ago
do u think it would work to just keep batteries charged for a light,ipod or cell phone