big bold wire craft but simple to do- for wall installation

Hi! Anybody out there can give me an idea how to construct something of this nature for a wall inside my shop. I run a hair shop for young people. I am short on budget but I need something that can create some drama or 'wows'. Any suggestions? - Laurie

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Goodhart10 years ago
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
*sigh* DO any of these.......need coffee....
Patrik Goodhart10 years ago
No, I don't think any of those really need coffee, but I guess it couldn't hurt! ;-)
Goodhart Patrik10 years ago
Translation: *sigh* (exasperation at typo) DO any of these (correction of typo)....


need coffee
Patrik10 years ago
You could always try something like this - sure to create some "wows"...
hypno (author)  Patrik10 years ago
Whoa Patrick.....that looks awesome!! Is the light source planted about 45 degrees above the text, maybe requiring two lights to be mounted? I suppose the text has to have words with `L's, `K's, `H's..and other such alphabets to `tie in' with the mounting ? Laurie
Patrik hypno10 years ago
As long as you have a nice flowing script, where you don't lift the pen from the paper, you should be able to turn that into a piece of continuous wire. That means no dotting your i's, crossing your t's in a continuous stroke, etc. Where you connect the wire to the wall is arbitrary, although I assume it will tend to look best where there is a sharp kink in the letters. Here's another clever example: minimum.

You can only have a single light source shining on each piece of wire, otherwise you'll get double shadows. In the pieces I linked to, it's clear that the entire thing is illuminated by a single light. (Actually, you can use two or more light sources, and you can even set it up such that you get a different image or word from the same piece in different directions. But that gets a *lot* more complicated. This is a nice example.)

You can find more work by this guy here.
hypno (author) 10 years ago
Hello goodhart, Thank you for the link. I do have something more elaborate than that at the moment. But somewhat still in a simplistic way. I made individual pieces each wired into a different shape and allowed one to cling on to another and ended up with a collage like look. I could send you a pix. I want to do something more 3-dimensional, perhaps with a few wired objects together but without too much weight and could still form an interesting visual link. Laurie
Goodhart hypno10 years ago
Sure the pic would be of some help, thanks.
Goodhart hypno10 years ago
Would you mean something more along these lines ? <link>
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