big guns

what do you think of big guns? how big does a knex gun have to be before it is too big? these are the questions that haunt me... -not really.

Picture of big guns
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DJ Radio9 years ago
I_AM_CANADIANs cannon is pretty much past the limit, and darth trainman's new gun is just OBSCENE!
bad apple10 years ago
rocket launcher coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how soon? one year?
sorry, someone said it sucked so no post
omg is that a true semi auto wow if it is ur the best knex maker by far
Knexfan10 years ago
knexlord Knexfan10 years ago
i hav but my camera is broken ill try to get it on as fast as possible
you still haven't posted it! Btw, tom morello is cool
The Jamalam9 years ago
I have posted a slideshow and if I get another 7 requests I will post
The Jamalam9 years ago
Is this okay?
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