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Ninjato- Short portable swords mostly used as tools than weapon. It is usualy in a katana Scabbard so that the opponent will miscalculate how fast it can be drawn.

shikoro ken (saw sword)-used as tool to gain entry to a house or slashing an enemy.

Katana- Traditional japenese sword

Sais- pointed rods with two long, unsharpened prongs, or tsuba, extending to either side and attached to a handle. The sai has always been used as a ninja weapon. They are used for striking or short jabs to the chest area. The prongs can be used to trap an opponent’s sword blade.

I'm getting this from its under wepons.
I don't know about you guys but i've always been under the opinion that a sai was a karate weapon
Dude Do you actually have kunai? They would have to be a lot heavier in the blade than the handle! The ones i have are balanced so they have to spin! Dude just make the wrist dagger like a giant stiletto!
I have a kunai
plasmaspy (author)  Bisquick the ninja9 years ago
na i just use stainless steel cutlery knives . still very sharp tho. woohoo to ikea home of cheap stuff lol
=SMART=9 years ago
I like the wrist dagger from assasins creed
plasmaspy (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
same ere looks awesum but i have no idea how to make. mmmmmmmmm i might try a few things out to see if i can using elastic bands lol
getting a blade to pop out would be easy, getting it back in without a motor would be hard :P
plasmaspy (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
yeah =/
im going to try to biuld one in the next few weeks
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