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i am attempting to make a R/C blimp. i don't know what to cover it with. would like to have some help for making the frame. i was thinking about making it out of screen but I'm not sure. suggestions?

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ry2592010 years ago
I'm tring to build a blimp that will retain it's helium for a few days. It won't need to hold a gondola or anything. It will tied down.
nerfer19210 years ago
just use a mylar balloon and strap on the motors.
joeballer10 years ago
use chicken wire and some screen it has worked for me in the past
Sun Gear (author) 10 years ago
i was thinking of using screen also but you might need something lighter but im not sure
rc jedi10 years ago
I thought of that project too. My take on it was to use a balsa stick and hack apart servos as the motor and speed control. put a small prop on the servo motors. 1 to lift, 2 parallel on booms for forward and steering. Mount helium balloons on the balsa rail. cheapo blimpo. battery must be light. lipo are 4 volt. might work.
use piano wire for the frame. glue it together with a soldering iron. you can bend it into perfect circles. for the covering, you'll need something airtight to hold the helium (or whatever you use). try canvas, and seal it with a thin layer of flexible epoxy.
another thing to remember. the helium is NOT under pressure. it basically has helium inside the tank rather than air.
Sun Gear (author) 10 years ago
the blimp/dirigible is almost complete
Instructable? I hope so...
Sun Gear (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
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