bond of flames keyblade (for ojochris)

well dsman1! you said you wanted a bond of flames you got a very good looking and kind sturdy bond of flames tell me what you think.

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Dakota Joel4 years ago
pretty cool! im trying to make void gear but its to flimsy at the moment
Kenxking6 years ago
its so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noah556 years ago
cool plz post plz plz plz
snowbird16 years ago
post plz this is amazing
Noahm56 years ago
plz post
ceaserama6 years ago
can you plz post this is a cool keyblade
ojochris8 years ago
thanks, I'll have to work on this!
combatknex (author)  ojochris8 years ago
np tell me anymore keyblades and ill start on em
I I think it's called "Way to Dusk" or "Blade of Dusk" I I I V
called way to dawn
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