boomady boom!!!!!!!! yay!!

lets make more pyro stuff bigpinecone is the only one comon =)

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supermichael210 years ago
gasoline is extremely flammable, but gasoline fumes are explosive. I do not recommend using it for anything except "internal" combustion engines.
Wow, an instructable complete in only five words. You forgot to add any pictures, though :-D
zofo300 (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
its not an instructable its a topic =P
Kiteman zofo30010 years ago
You really ought to pay attention inEnglish class ( =P yourself)
X_D_3_M_110 years ago
500 match headsin basket of 4 strikers, BOOM
teh_pyroazn10 years ago
i dont know if this works but... 1)meth spirits 2)flour 3)bowl 4)flame add flour and meth togeter and mix then if sticky you can mould it into any thing.
zofo300 (author)  teh_pyroazn10 years ago
i'snt meth illeagle? cuz its a drug rite (gasp) u bad person lol
KentsOkay zofo30010 years ago
Meth=Methylated spirits, not methenthenamine
zofo300 (author) 10 years ago
see like a high explosive candle get a fuse for a wick and pour black-powder and the wax togeother let it dry and light the fuse
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