brazing/welding dilemma

I'm building a cnc machine and I just bought a whole bunch of steel vat a surplus store. I need to braze or weld them together, but I can't braze since the objects too big for my propane tank, it disipates tthe heat to fast. I can't afford an arc welder. What should I do? I don't want to use nuts and bolts because that adds wiggle to the machine and I lose all of my accuracy.

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jonjon19787 years ago
im staring the mini 3 axis milling machine as seen on here im making the manual version first then maybe adding the stepper motors and all the drivers and software but that way hi-tech for me at the mo so will be making a uprated secone version of the first with all motors and measuring tools. would love to see your CNC when complete.
guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
well, I've never weld before, I don't think I can drill through the eighth inch angle iron, and I don't have access to old microwaves. what's jb weld?
It"s a brand of epoxy, you"ll probably want to buy the industro size.
guyfrom7up (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
hmmm... that might do it, is there a different cheap fuel than propane that gets hotter?
(A) Propylene gets within fifty to one-hundred-fifty degrees of MAPP's rating (depending on the expert being quoted), and only costs about sixty percent more than propane in refillable cylinders; this is not true for disposables.
NOTE: Your torch needs to be rated for Propylene or MAPP; otherwise, its tip may just melt if it's an air/fuel type.

(B) Many zinc based aluminum filler alloys are quite strong enough to hold steel assemblies together; they don't need much heat to work, and some will bond well to steel. Gentle hint: A clean part surface and proper flux are the keys to success here, rather than so called miracle products (unless you just feel a need to spend sixty dollars a pound for some).
MAPP gas, costs about 4x as much as propane
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
__$80 at harbor freight__
trebuchet039 years ago
Is putting the parts in an oven an option? If they'll fit - crank the temperature up and let the steel get nice and hot... That should give you more time to braze ;)
bolts and jb weld
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