breach loading sniper rifle

Welcome to this fourm, this fourm is about a breach loaders, if you have made any feel free to post (this dose not mean mag gun for the whole point is to help 1 shots/ sniper rifles get a easy load that is acurate fast

im gessing at one point in time almost everyone made a 1 shot. But 1 shots have not evolved much, its all almost the same, pull fireing pin back and "muzzle load" it (with some exeptions of folding and back loading it)
but wile loading the thing sometimes it fires, so it would hit your hand or your face (and my spring powered rifles have done so) , the solution? simple somehow get the thing to load without ever geing you to look at the barrel, sniper rifles usaly have it hard for they have long barrels (not including mepains) and take a long time to muzzle load the bullet. a faster way would be to breach load it

so on this fourm posably post pictures of ideas you have of breach loading and if it somehow makes it more acurate. but just no old mag guns for the idea is to help make a fast and easy way to load. example this sniper rifle i made heres a video

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Kiteman10 years ago
I'm guessing this is a K'nex thing?
No, it can't be.
Whaleman Kiteman10 years ago
can i have a pic of your rifle
Sypran (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
here is some pics, just note that the stock can be changed to a lighter wireframe but when i first started useing the spring it was to hard to pull it back without the stock and the stock would break (the spring i took off in the pictures to get a new one)
post pooooosttttttttttt
Sypran (author)  starwarsknex29 years ago
would wooooooulddddddddd if i wasnt updateing it/takeing a break
oh ok but when you done you break can you post
in your video you put something around the bullet what is it
Sypran (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
its a pen cylander, there is an option to eather do that or knex peices or a tiny mod (the mod and knex peice creates alo of friction soo...)
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