bubble wall?

hi everyone! I am not a tech .. I am just a girl who loves to create odd things and gets really excited about making cool freaky lights in my house. I would like to find an inexpensive way to build a bubble light wall.. like make it big and part of the wall itself. I have some concept of what I need to do already, but am perplexed at how to build the tank itself .. like an 1nch or so deep .. but if anyone has any good ideas for this I would really love to hear them. also... would it be better to use panels or one large tank .. or if there is anything premade that i could convert into this. Thanks =)

Picture of bubble wall?
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lemonie10 years ago
Glass is what you need, and some aquarium-sealant. You should be making a very thin aquarium, have a 'fish' around the internet for aquarium construction. An aquarium pump (or more) would probably do, they are fairly quiet. As Weissensteinburg indicates (whilst spelling 'fluorescent' incorrectly), higher viscosity liquid may produce a better effect. Search the internet for "bubble screen" to find some existing designs. L

Well, glass is not the best idea for water bubble panels, because later it will crack.
The best way to build a tank is to use plexiglass.

More about Water Bubble Panel you can read in this article:


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lil devils x (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Thank you so much for your help! yes I have been looking up ways to build aquariums, since I have not actually worked with it myself, I will be testing it thoroughly before actually putting it in the wall. If I was to use a fluorescent bulb for it .. do you have any suggestions on making a color changing panel for it? Thank you again for all your help!
aquamoda1 year ago


Hope that you've got all the needed info about according to your question.
But for other people who are interested about "how to create a water bubble panel\wall" we published a short article with some photos.

You can find it here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Water-Bubbl...

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By the way, want to mention that we can give you some instructions about creating process. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact us by e-mail: aqua-moda@mail.ru | aquamodaa@gmail.com

MohitS641 year ago

Which water use in bubble wall?

hontoled5 years ago
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mattsims26 years ago
Building the tank as you see in the picture will be quite difficult. The bubble wall fountain panel is channeled so there are separate channels within the panel to direct the bubble flow in small lines.

How these work is an air pump pumps air through a piece of tubing in the water that has small holes, as the air comes out it makes the bubbles. Everything needs to be watertight and you need tight gaskets and seals where the air tubing goes into the water panel section, also a backflow valve between the air pump and holes in the tubing so when you turn the pump off water does not flow back into the pump and eventually leak out.

Here's another bubble wall just like it.
Maybe use weissensteinburg's idea and for the bottom light add an extra bit of cover before the tubes are visible, or go mad and put a bulb right through the tank... or even have the tank with a space under it and the bulb running below, also it could be UV with quinine added so it glows with bubbly goodness. I too like wierd lights, I wanted to make bubble bulb out of the big neon bulb i have... but it's awful complicated...
neuronaut9 years ago
I want to make one too!

I found you can buy bubble walls for fish tanks:
"... It evenly distributes fine bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. Additional Bubble Walls can be joined with the enclosed connector, and can be cut with a razor blade to divide or shorten."


I think LEDs would be great for illumination.

The stand seems to be the tricky part. I suppose it would need to be heavy to keep itself upright and sturdy. I guess buckshot would be the best way to fill a base. I would make the base out of wood and treat it to be waterproof and black.

I think you can go to a plexiglass shop and ask for all the right pieces cut perfectly to spec.

Now all I need is some cash. ;-)
lil devils x (author) 10 years ago
thanks for advice =)! I figured plexi glass would prob be the easiest to work with , though I have never actually worked with it myself so I am not sure how to water seal it and create the tank itself. I have taken apart my large bubble light and it was basically a tube filled with water with a fish tank pump attached with a one way valve and a light bulb with a color plate that rotated over the top of it. the tube itself had a cap over it and you just filled it up with tap water, but since i am wanting to make this part of the wall I dunno how that will work. Also I am wanting to do this on a larger scale and the lighting will be from under neath, but i am unsure how to make a color changing plate or plates for the entire wall so that the whole thing changes color at same time .. am wondering if leds wouldn't be a better way to do that than color plates. also .. whether or not i should use multiple air pumps or one single one .. and if anyone knows of a low noise pump that can be used for such a project. thanks =)
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