is this normal ?

That i got a warning from malweare?

Picture of bug
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caitlinsdad5 years ago
The site had that problem last week which should have been fixed. Probably something with the page coding or advertiser on the last site update. Try clearing your browser's cache to get rid of the cookies, etc. and restart. It should go away. If not, the bug is back and staff has to fix it again.
How do I clear the cache?
It looks like the bug is back when you try to look at an instructable, the last time it was encountered on the home page. Clearing the cache is one of the options found under the browser menus - tools, clear browsing data, you have to look depending on which browser you are using.

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I cleared my chrome cache. Do I need to restart my whole pc? (I got the malware message when I looked at a instructable, after I went straight to my 'you' page.)
Usually no but a good practice to restart PC to really clear things up. It might be a few days before they fix the problem.
With firefox you go to "Tools" then "Clear Recent History", press the arrow next to "details" and make sure to only select "Cache", then press "ok". This should clear your cache. Restart firefox and try again.

Other browsers will have similar procedures (but will probably be different).
Thanks, found it.