build 'mediam' guns

lets see how can build the longest shooting 'mediam gun.a mediam gun has to be under 40 peices and no longer than 7 inches. this is my gun it goes up to 45 ft.

Picture of build 'mediam' guns
the gunner7 years ago
your gun looks weird
Firstly, you spelt 'Medium' wrong Secondly, any gun which has less than 40 pieces is small (honestly, what would you classify IAC's Heavy Cannon as) Thirdly, I highly doubt your gun went to 45 ft, especially with the bands pictured
FUDGEY 1310 years ago
i built your gun. It's the best k,nex weapon I've built out of 5. I accidently put my finger into the gap where the black piece is, and I got a blister, I still have the blister.
gunmanx10 years ago
i built this one its exacly the same i put like 7 rubber bands and it shot like 50 feet its pretty cool i like it alot