butterfly knife

This is for people who really want a butterfly knife but are not allowed one (j_scap) It is made from a flick and lick lolly. A blade is strapped(with sellotape or superglue) to where the lolly used to be.

Picture of butterfly knife
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Wafflicious9 years ago
send me your lolly s!!!!
how bout you just put a 9mm hand gun in it,lol.
thats possible in theory!, i'll draw that out this night! (its 1:30 am :| ... )
lol,thats funny
ledzep5679 years ago
wow, this is actually pretty sweet!
Easy Button10 years ago
I like that you should post an instructable. Bye the way where do you get those lolly pops?
bunduk (author)  Easy Button10 years ago
newsagents or corner shops i found mine in a shop that sells anything(tesco)
Oh ill look around.