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Hi everyone one i need help im making a cake for my little boys birthday. he would like a dragon cake but he wants the wings to move up and down. ive never made a moving cake and i cant find anywhere that tells me how to achive the wings going up and down. i know how to make them go round but not up and down. so i was wondering if any u kind people can tell me exactly what i need to achive this. thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. 

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Bella892 years ago

For adding wings to your dragon cake you can try this out cut wings shape out of rolled fountain. Attach a toothpic to dragon cake make smooth shape wings as you want and press that tooth pic thrugh the skin of the back at an angle so the wings stick up.

wilgubeast3 years ago

Tell him he'll get spinning wings and like them. :D Then you'd just need a pinwheel.

Otherwise, here's some inspiration:

epaton1 (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago

thank you going to have a look xx

epaton1 (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago

thank you going to have a look xx

Toga_Dan3 years ago

i think there are instructables about making ornithopters (which fly by flapping wings) For this project, i might suggest a low speed gearbox motor available from hobby shops. these are probably slower than most gearboxes from rc cars.

caitlinsdad3 years ago

look up whirligigs, you can probably hook up a small geared motor like that from a r/c car or just hand crank it. Good luck.