can u use potassium iodide instead of potassium nitrate in smoke bombs??

can u use potassium iodide instead of potassium nitrate in smoke bombs?? if not please give me another substitute

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trebuchet0310 years ago
No, but KI may protect your thyroid from collecting radioactive iodine in the event of a nuclear accident :p That, or it can be used in conjunction with another (relatively common) chemical as a vitamin C detector (more on that soon :p).
All police stations in West Cumbria have stocks of iodine tablets, just in case Sellafield melts down. Again.
somehow I just don't hold much confidence in taking tablets to prevent my body from reacting to trillions of little holes poked in it by radiation and all the poison created by those "paths"......reminds me of the comic strip where the fellow is shot in the head and the doc tells him he can not make a house call but take 2 aspirin and call him in the morning. ;-)
The design of the reactor (it's for making other radioactive materials, not electricity) means that one of the most likely emissions is radioactive iodine. If you get a thyroid full of that, you won't be a happy bunny, so the idea is to fill you with excess iodine so that your thyroid won't take up any of the radioactive isotopes and they will be passed out of your body before any serious harm is done.
Understood :-) I remember the TMI accident here years ago. Iodine-131 (or even Iodine-125), at least I thought, decayed by means of Gamma radiation, which if I remember correctly is most toxic when outside by near the body, as opposed to inside. I understand why Iodine is probably just as toxic inside as it tends to gather into one place (the thyroid), but it doesn't give me any confidence in the eventual outcome.
KentsOkay10 years ago
No. Potassium Iodide is not an oxidizer cpable of producing the desired effects. You can try match heads (when gently heated they wil melt.
Yep Match heads mixed with sugar are the easiest way to get homemade smoke bombs Melting Match heads? i find it easier just to dissolve them in water.
Really? I've always melted them, its quite easy.
In an oven? Well ill have a try this may quite possibly be better process. /i presume you are just melting the wax or binding chemicals keeping the KNO3 on the match?
No, you grind off the head, dump it onto a pan of aluminum foil, and hold it over a candle flame. It will take practice, but it will melt.
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