can you...

for the pocket sized contest, can you make instructions for how to add pockets to pants/shorts?

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octavian2348 years ago
yes because those jeans have the normal pocket and then they have the tiny pocket that i find completely useless because i cant put anything in it because its too small
threadbare8 years ago
I think it's a great idea! A pocket is pocket size!
toogers (author)  threadbare8 years ago
thanks, but i don't know about it now.
hmm.... i don't think so..... because pockets dont fit in pockets.... this doesn't make any sense, does it?
pockets fit in big pockets!
well, in the rules it says no big pockets. i quote.. "...those big baggy cargo pants pockets are out. Think small, palm-sized, and easily pocketable."
But I like cargo pants!
Ahhh, but a small pocket would fit in a normal pocket. I would say a normal pocket is the size of a wallet.
toogers (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
ugh what? ugh, Bartboy is confusing? :D
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