can you turn a chicken into gold

hi their i was wondering can you turn your chickins bones into gold using displacing metals because gold replaces calcum i cant remember why but it does

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MovieMaker3 years ago

Best way to turn a chicken into gold is to open up a Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise. That is the only way I know :-).


Wisaam4 years ago
Actually I think you can by displacement but for that you would first require gold combined with some other element.
Knex.X4 years ago
You'll have to search for the purple striped rabbit. He sells magic spells who can turn chicks into gold. His prices are devastating though. You may also just search it up on ebay.
Eloyambres4 years ago
I bought a gold metal detector from not long ago and in order to test whether it is useful I have used it to find underground metal goods that hidden in my garden, to my surprise it has found my mother's lost golden ring. Then I took it to the park and the gold metal detector find a few coins. Really amazing and I want to share it with your guys.
REA7 years ago
yes, with alchemy!
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  REA7 years ago
fair enough : )
jasonkohles7 years ago
The fact that gold can displace calcium (as can many other metals) doesn't mean that you can turn calcium into gold. It means yes, you can turn chicken bones into gold, you just have to start with some chicken bones and a bunch of gold.
are you being serious? cuz you sound like you are, but i have no idea.

if so, how? i command an 'ibble!!
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  badideasrus7 years ago
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