can't download instructions

I have signed up for the free pro membership but still cannot download the instructions on how to make the survival belt.  It sends me in a loop to sign up again.  Help. OmaB.

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geriroyer2 years ago

I just signed up for Pro membership and can't get the download feature to work. I am logged in on the main page, but when I go to the page I want to download, it tells me I'm not signed in. How do I correct this?

If you just signed up, it sometimes takes a while for the system to catch up with the money.

As for the signing in thing, try clearing your cache and reloading the page.


karmasue2 years ago

I can't download the pdfs either...this is so frustrating. I even tried to change my profile and that didn't work. have no idea what to do.

Kiteman2 years ago

Free pro membership?

If you haven't won a Pro membership in a contest, or been awarded one for posting an instructable that gets featured, Pro memberships cost money.

That's why you get redirected - if you haven't got a paid/earned pro membership, you can't download PDFs.

Have you tried to clear your browser cache and history?

Quite often browsers love to keep an old "copy" active so the user assumes an error with a website.

If you have a mobile device you also use it to check if there is a difference.