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Hey everyone i was wondering if someone could help me, I have a capacitor row (as shown below) and i was wondering what i could do to make it a shocker type thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What you need is to step up the voltage on the capacitor to about 100-200 volts, probably. The trick is use a step-up transformer, just like what is called the "coil" in cars. You can get an audio transformer for a couple bucks at Radio Shack, or make your own (it's easy - it's called a toroid) and by pulsing your low voltage into the step-up transformer, you get a high voltage on the other end that gets fed to the capacitor, and the capacitor holds that voltage, and anybody that touches the two terminals will get zapped. Or, in the case of an automobile, it makes a spark, and that's why spark plugs were invented.

Anyway, I could tell you exactly how to do it, but you can buy little electronic kits from lots of places that give you everything. Here's a kit to make a zapper:

Have fun.
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It all depends on the capacitance of the set of capacitors. It also depends on the voltage of the capacitors. You want to make a "Shocker?" Try charging a automobile condenser.
carbon LasVegas10 years ago
Try charging a automobile condenser.

Strange, I don't know that that is...Is it the AC condenser?
LasVegas carbon10 years ago
No. On older, non-electronic distributors, when you replaced the points and rotor, you also replaced a component that looks like a can with one back wire coming out the top. This is called a Condenser, but is actually a rather large paper capacitor. The can is usually wrapped with a clamp that lets you bolt it to the distributor's frame. Back in high-school (early 70's), we would remove the clamp portion of it, strip the black insulation from the wire (all of it) and tin the wire with solder. This made it look kind of like a silver firecracker. We would then charge it with 120v DC (plus on wire, minus on can) and carefully set it on someone's desk. The natural inclination is to pick it up and grab the wire (I don't know why though!). When this is done, the victim gets quite a jolt. I never saw it hurt anyone.
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I think they were called condensers, because back in the old days ( pre 70s, more like 50s) capacitors were called condensers. You were lucky you didn't hurt someone.
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There is a straight line tool in MS Paint y'know. Search instructables for 'Tazer' L