this is for all of you who still use cbs or are looking to install one for fun or work.  come on in and share ideas for mounting get ideas or just laugh at funny mounts.  i will put up more picks as i track down cars i have put them in.

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abadfart (author) 8 years ago
these are all ones that i have installed in the past year but not all there is still one that i installed in a red grand pix and one in a Subaru outback  
mic.jpegwhip mount.jpegwhip.jpegtemp mic.jpegcb.jpegtemp cb.jpegGEDC0013.JPGfinished.JPG
wow i was thinking about putting one in my truck but my parents said no (the truck is still theirs they make the payments)
abadfart (author)  acidbass7 years ago
you could try what we did in my buddies car he just shoved a set between the transmission hub and passenger seat with a whip bracket that doesn't leave marks
abadfart (author)  acidbass7 years ago
ya he was in the same place and so we had to come up with a way without marking the car
yo man7 years ago
the bandit rides a gain (smoky and the bandit)
abadfart (author)  yo man7 years ago
glad you liked it do you run a cb? 
yo man abadfart7 years ago
yup it's crazy cool!
abadfart (author)  yo man7 years ago
whats your handle? 
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