how do you make a chainmail

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Goodhart10 years ago
*whew* I came here expecting a question on "chain mail" or "pyramid schemes" LOL
megapun1310 years ago
you could probably make chainmail out of small might look a bit lame
Ora10 years ago
Danny10 years ago
i made some knex chain mail kinda and it works reallw well its not been penetrated by a bullet as of yet
funwithfire325 (author)  Danny10 years ago
can u show me it
ermmm i broke it up!
funwithfire325 (author)  Danny10 years ago
make it again! lol
John Smith Danny10 years ago
even a 9mm? Wow.
I'm planning to make some paper clip chain mail
FrenchCrawler10 years ago
If you have a Dremel (or something of that sorts) you can more easily cut the rings off the mandrel using a gravity fed contraption:

Here's more links to excellent chainmaille sources: (weaving techniques) (look under gallery, then tools, to find ways of making the rings)

Hope these help
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