I see the changes to the site . The only question i have is i liked going to my instructables and going to the stats to see  how many visited that instructable each day . Is it possible to do this still and i am missing it ?

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ACK! OMG I just noticed the removal of the steps thumbnails in lieu of "13 steps" That was a horrible decision, sorry! This is a visually oriented site and remove of the thumbs for a Macintosh looking button is a serious step in reverse.
You can still see the thumbnails by hovering over the buttons. But I wonder if everyone will discover that.
That's kind of my point. The visual cue is no longer present. The mouseovers are more informative once that action is taken, but the buttons aren't as strong a cue.
This one I agree with. The thumbnails allowed you to skip to the step you wanted. This is true not just for viewing others but even for your own. If I was doing an edit of a specific page all I had to do was click on it. Way better and faster than the new design. BTW --- I can go with ACK! but the OMG is way over used. In my opinion
Off the top: The below event has made my WEEK, even if I don't make the cut. THANK YOU! :-)

Your stats feature is pretty cool and continues to make my points below about removing the "featured" buttons from the main page. Here's a pull from today, just days after finding out I'm (WOO HOO!!!) a finalist on one of the contests. Note that the finalist instructable (WOO HOO! - oh, sorry "green line") not only doesn't even come close to the "featured" days graphs, it takes second place to today's views of "replacing a car convertible top". Methinks this is a clear indicator those buttons did you a lot of good.
You are aware, are you not, that search engines drive far more views to individual projects than being featured does?
Well of course, a site with 5 million uniques/month? :-) Also I'd expect the "convertible top" to demonstrate greater traffic over time, I'm sure there would be much more interest in that topic than the Egyptian deities. What the graph shows is more about the users that have vested interest in this site, that come here to actually explore new instructables and generally use the navigation rather than an out-of-context search engine result. Given that context, the main page buttons were a good tool.
Jayefuu Kiteman5 years ago
To a certain extent, yes. Being featured helps other websites pick it up, increasing links to your Instructable and boosting it up the search rankings ;)
HackJob5 years ago
Re;"be nice policy"- life isn't nice - but, I can be civil, There seems to be a headlong race to new just because it is - as in the the latest Ipad Apple very quietly released on to the market just 6 months after the last latest and greatest... The new site might look slick and cool but it has lost user experience functionality. I want clear and easy to use - the banner at the top just makes the viewing area smaller and doesn't have enough utility for the area it takes up, the thumbnails at the top worked because you had a visual reference to the steps you might want to skip over or skip to, the gestalt thing is gone altogether and I drop shadows aren't good design - anything cute turns to nauseating after about three iterations - I love the site, had to tell you, with all due respect; it looks like change for changes sake - not an improvement. - David
Kiteman HackJob5 years ago
The Be Nice policy is not new, it's as old as the site. It is just presented as a permanent reminder, rather than as a pop-up on comments.
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