ok thanks to lemonie and andy helped a lot they well get credit thanks to all! and andy i well trie your method

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HamO10 years ago
Seems like store bought charcoal would be a whole lot more practical, even here on instructables. I mean are you going to make the rest of the ingredients from scratch also?
westfw HamO10 years ago
Actually, the quality of homemade black powder is EXTREMELY dependent on the type and quality of charcoal you use. Unless you have a supplier of good-quality light hardwood charcoal (willow is traditional), you're probably better off making your own. Briquettes are especially hopeless; they have all sorts of useless crap in there (like clay) and will make lousy black powder.
funwithfire325 (author)  westfw10 years ago
o well im not makeing black powder i wanted to experament with a charcoal maker
I'd love to see an instructable on making your own charcoal for use in drawing, and comparing the results when starting with different types of wood. A lot of the things done to briquettes are to make them burn longer and more consistently; trying to barbecue over homemade charcoal is likely to be frustrating.
funwithfire325 (author)  HamO10 years ago
well all you need in it is wood but... if you want it easy to light u put some... maybe lighter fluid? it would boil and maybe the charcoal would obsorb it
lemonie10 years ago
You can lid (not led surely?) the can with sand/mud/ clay. As long as air is excluded you're OK.
But as previously commented, are you making sulphur and KNO3? Charcoal is a lot easier to buy than the other two ingredients.


(do use a spell-checker eh?)
andy6010 years ago
i dont know if this will help you but heres how i make charcoal; i use a golden virginia tin alot simular to an altoids tin with some holes put into the lid, i then fill the tin with little pieces of wood e.g. used matchsticks..., next i put a blow torch on the bottom of the tin, a lot of smoke will pore out of the holes and with in 5 minutes you have nice charcoal :) hope this helped.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
use glue
your to young to be playing with fire and explosives.