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Hey everybody,
I've been looking for a good source for cheap LEDs for a project I'm working on. I want to replace 14 different 60W halogen bulbs with home-built LED lights. The reason for home-built is that the halogens burn out like crazy, but the light fixture looks nice, and isn't going to be replaced. The halogens put out an estimated 500-700 lumens (from the google research I did)

I'm looking for the best deal for white leds per lumen. the best deal I've found so far is:

at .021cents/lumen from the brightness calculator

but considering the quantity I want.... there's not even enough room to fit those LEDs on the fixture (due to the large case size)

or if I buy 1000 of them (about the quantity I'm looking for) I'd be getting a slightly better deal, but still coming in at $120, not to mention they still don't fit.

The physical space for the leds is a cylinder with a diameter of about 30mm and a height of about 70mm.

Any Ideas/suggestions for cheap white LEDs?


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jeff-o8 years ago
I usually get my LEDs from eBay, from the "Light of Victory LED Store" They ship from Hong Kong and I've bought thousands of LEDs from them so far (though I haven't used them all yet!)
Zaen (author) 8 years ago
For those of you who search this topic, I ended up going with an ebay retailer. Ebay might not provide the most information for their products, but in terms of price, it's hard to find better. If you're looking for specific ebay retailers, I don't have any recommendations (I don't even remember who I ended up from). I'd suggest looking to recent instructables involving LEDs, and look at their sources. Hope this helps somebody else! -Zaen
wadodont8 years ago are good for people who need LEDs with cheap international shipping. Have a look in this category: . All their prices include shipping. Shipping can be fairly slow and you can't always trust that the specs are correct, however.
Padlock8 years ago
Ebay is your friend.
second! always buy my LEDs there, have bought about 400 now with 0 probelms I think out of all of those only 2 were not functioning
Zaen (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
Again, which seller did you get yours from? or do you just search in general? I think I might just try to spend some time on ebay to see what deals I do find.
Padlock Zaen8 years ago
Uh... I really don't have one seller I buy them from. I just search for what I need and buy the cheapest. But usually I buy from stores in China. I find they're the cheapest. If you want them pretty soon, then go for someone in the US. I ordered mine and about 3 weeks later it came.
Zaen (author)  Padlock8 years ago
Do you have any ebay sellers in particular you like to use? I have one, but the LEDs I get from that seller are pretty dim for actual light output. 16000 mcd, but only about 10-15 degree viewing angle.... Thanks.
Slisgrinder8 years ago
sorry to double post, possibly high powered led's if at all available...
Slisgrinder8 years ago
Sorry to divert, but any cheap led sources that ship or reside in canada?
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