cheap time bomb (fireworks detonator)

Heres my idea: Take a cheap dollarstore or walmart watch with an alarm. wire a capacitor where the little speaker/beeper thing it would store up a small charge and then have it arc or a fuse to light it. so you set the alarm for the time you want it to go off, it goes off, builds a charge, arcs over the fuse and lights the roman candle, firecrackers, whatever you want. would this work? are there any ways of boosting the power of the arc or making the fuse light easier?

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aaronx (author) 9 years ago
thats a good idea, and i could probably find cheap alarm clocks at a thrift store, it would end up being bigger than i'd like, but it would still work.
what you could do is get an alarm clock, a glow plug(found in an RC shop) and a AA battery. wire it up so that one wire from the alarm is connected to the top of the glow plug threads and the other wire is attached to the battery. the other end of the battery is attached to the end of the glow plug. when the alarm goes off, it makes the glow plug turn on which could light a fuse. so you could set all the alarms five mins apart and set off firecrackers, Roman candles, smoke bombs(etc).
aaronx (author) 10 years ago
anyone tried anything close to this?
aaronx (author) 10 years ago
well that only alows you to set it up to an hour, what i'm talking about can be set from 1min-24 hours . and can be synconized much easier, or set to go off exactly 5 min from eachother in diffrent areas to make it look like you are in many areas in a short time.
Kiteman10 years ago
It's been done by Instructables' pet pyro.