do you like chipotle if you do or don't post a comment telling what your fave food is.

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really dont like the place, everything just tastes proccesed, homemade food is better
It dose not its "organic" as they say. best food ever.
trebuchet039 years ago
I'm a Moe's Fan... Moe Monday.. $5 for any burrito, chips and a soda :) I haven't eaten there in a long time... I've been really good about eating out lately :)
the_burrito_master (author)  trebuchet039 years ago
never heard about moe's but the deals sound good ;-)
I'm assuming he means Moe's Southwest Grill, there's one in Columbus, not bad at all.
iman9 years ago
hey we just got a chipotle close to were I live. They have the best chips and salsa.
Goodhart9 years ago
I am not familiar with the eatery either, but I DO love Chipotle peppers (but like Jalapeños more). I don't have a favorite food per se`; guess that is why I am a little overweight, there is very little I don't like ;-) But if I had to pick a "style of cooking" taste-wise, French Cuisine would come out pretty much on top.
the_burrito_master (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
Oh so you've never been there. I have never had French Cuisine
According to the Chipotle map there isn't one within an hours drive of me :-)
hahaha i just looked at the map and there is one umm... well the map says 10 miles but im saying about 7 from here (and 3 within 20 miles). no wonder why i have never seen it though. i never go up that road in that direction. perhaps wednesday i will have to make a stop there.
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