co2 powered nerf gun

Well I have been working on making a co2 powered nerf gun (NITE FINDER) for a couple of weeks now, with no success. So If you could give me ideas, or just make one it would be appreciated. ~thank you~

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I'm actually planning to make something similar to this, only I plan to use a crossbow instaed of a nerf gun. It's actually going to be an attempt at a grappling gun, any advice?
lokivoid7 years ago
Simple, depending on the mechanism for fireing.

A simple latch and piston nerf gun can be done by replaceing the piston with a Co2 actuator (Co2 bike tire inflator) that has a trigger release on it, Just modify the trigger release and mount it inside connecting the trigger to the actuator release. When the trigger pushs down the actuator valve releaseing Co2.

In the case for more complex nerf guns that use Semi automatic pistons or bolt style nerf guns a Blowback release valve from a cheap mechanical semi auto paintball gun will work, replaceing the plunger with a metal block with a divit on it to push down the latch on the blowback valve when it strikes.

When the plunger strikes the latch it will release co2 in both directions, dischargeing into the fireing chamber and dischargeing into plunger pushing it back into lock position.

The second option is alittle bit more complex of a modification requireing reinforment and custom machineing parts or finding a salvaged part to suit it. i also suggest a regulator in this case to limit the pressure to prevent the gun from breaking under stress or to prevent the nerf darts from ripping apart apon exiting the barrel.

For nerf guns running off air pressure like the rapid fire20 the modifcation is real simple, just disconnect the line going into the storage tank and directly connect it to a regulated gas source (dont exceed the normal operateing pressure otherwise it will fail due to stress).

Overall though your better off just modifying a paintball gun to fire nerf darts rather then moding a nerf gun to utilize co2.
i was thinkin of using the maverick as a shooting tazer and maybe adding a bike pump connector with a co2 can attached take out the barrel and all the other stuff but leave the trigger, rig it, and add a disposable camera capacitor as the bullet
jeff-o9 years ago
I think this is the sort of situation where if you can't figure it out yourself, there's a good chance you aren't responsible enough to use it. Building your own taser? What are you going to use it for??
KrispyKr33m (author)  jeff-o9 years ago
Just for kicks. I thought a shooting taser would be cooler tan one of the hand held ones. It only give 300 volts so not much harm in that.
finnster9 years ago
Just do what that one other dude did. It looked pretty good to me. Or you could use a wooden boddy instead of a nerf gun and save like, $8. That's what I'm going to do.
Jeremiah? I swear, I know its you. Having a CO2 powered Nerf Gun would be amusing, but really dangerous.
KrispyKr33m (author)  Kaminarukuzu9 years ago
Yes i know it would be dangerous, but I am working on a taser gun and i need some more power to fire the projectile.
KrispyKr33m (author)  KrispyKr33m9 years ago
and no i am not jeremiah