post in the comments your coilgun, capacitor bank, and how your coilgun works. I want to know everything about it. EX: how long your coil is, how many layers your coil is, how you built it, etc. The more you put the better. I also would like some advice on my new coilgun I'm building. I want to use flash-capacitors and 26-gauge wire. I don't want to use a lethal amount of electricity if at all possible.


Picture of coilgun
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caitlinsdad6 years ago
283 kilojoules
Classified as immovable and impracticable LOL
oh I HOPE I didn't hurt your feeling with that last comment...
Kiteman6 years ago
Have you read the various coil-gun Instructables?
Pyrofan (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Yes and they say a lot but I'm new to electronics and don't understand some of the stuff they say/do A lot of people also say that your coil length and how many layers you do is different when using different amounts of electricity.
Kiteman Pyrofan6 years ago
They don't say any more than what you're asking for here.

Pick a project that uses the materials you have available, then see how you go.