community blog, instructable, or neither?


Today I am beginning my "30 days of instructables" project, in which I will work on at least one instructables project every day for the next thirty days. I think it'd be fun to document the adventure as I go. Although it seems perfect for a blog topic, the community blogs here are more discussion boards than the kind of blog where you can add to the initial post each day (or is that possible here?). I've seen a few blog-type instructables (e.g., re: polyphasic sleep), but they still seem to be about how to do something, which doesn't quite fit this either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Kiteman6 years ago

Record your day-to-day progress on a forum topic that you edit & update, then put together a slide-show of the best shots of the projects.
clibanarius (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Ah, that's a good idea! Even though I've done a number of instructables projects, today I realized that I needed to plan a little better before committing to 30 days straight. So this will be my October 30-day challenge, and your suggestion sounds like a great way to go. Thanks!