I am getting ready to start composting, and I was wondering what all can you put in them. I know leaves, grass, food left overs, things like that. But can you put paper and cardboard, etc

Brennn109 years ago
Here is a detailed list that I compiled in one of my Instructables.
Patrik Brennn109 years ago
And don't forget to check out all the other compost instructables as well - lots of good info there.
vegagitator9 years ago
An "Ask Umbra" column in Grist Magazine addressed this very issue. Here's a link. Be aware that food left overs in compost can attract animals if not properly covered, locked and reinforced. This is why the city of Seattle asks people to segregate their yard waste compost from their food waste compost. Seattle public utilities' web page on composting is a great resource. I've never lived in Seattle. I just came across this on the web. Also, never put meat, dairy or eggs in a compost bin.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Unprinted paper and cardboard should work very well. Some inks may be toxic to the bacteria, but small quantities should be OK.