concept guns

post any ideas for guns you have, and we'll discuss their effectiveness and ability.

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https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-concept-gun/ its kinda like the dunkis concept
impinkm6 years ago
I am creating a gun right now. In a nutshell, it is very similar to solekill3r's El Diablo Gun, but it is an uzi with a completely removable clip, It loads by inserting blue rods into the clip and sliding it upward into the barrel. I's quite sick and the concept works on mlcad. Heres a pic. Note, the pic is only showing the hull/ frame.
TheDunkis8 years ago
I'm still trying to think up a design for a magazine and chamber where the ammo doesn't load straight up. In stead the ammo gets pushed forward out of the magazine into the chamber like in a real firearm. This would eliminate the jamming problems with rods and it would place the ammo up farther in the ultimately making the gun a lot stronger. This would eliminate the biggest problem with repeaters. My idea to do so was making a charging handle connected to a part around the pin just over the magazine. Then when you pulled back the handle to cock the weapon and you let go and it resets it would push the ammo out into the barrel. The only problem is you'd have to make either it or the trigger go around the other so that they don't interfere with each other. Probably wouldn't be too hard just making one like IaC's APs'.
solekill3r made a true bolt action sniper like that
Scrubsfan1234 (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
I actually built a gun that had a top mag, and when you pulled the handle, the pin gets cocked, and the piece falls. Then, you push the handle forwards and the piece falls down into another chamber. Then, the pin goes off like normal. This had barely any power, and frequently misfired (the round bounced back up the chamber)
Scrubsfan1234 (author) 8 years ago
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Scrubsfan1234 (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
what about a gatling gun that had a removable set of barrels?
you take them out and put the new ones in. to make it less pieces you could make them 8 or 16 barreled for each set.

RPG? (rocket propelled grenade)
Scrubsfan1234 (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
a gatling gun seems ineffective to me. a chaingun seems more appropriate unless 1 firing pin is used, and that may require an alternate cocking method (model car motor?), but id like to see one made!
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